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Also Checkout "Brace the Will" -Something Stronger-
"Mark Garrod's "Brace the Will" debut release is an honest and simple album of true life songs. Each track wraps you in its melodies and storyline as it leads you deeper into mark's creation. A refreshing listen with hope and sorrow mixed into one 6 track journey. Well Done, I hope there's more coming." Musicology 101 with Mega Mike on CHIP FM 101.7

Support Indie always.

....Checkout the Latest Release from
The Dead Sexy
"Picture Day at Night School"

"This Latest release from The Dead Sexy is a pinnacle record for them, from their beginnings as an infused band feeding from so many forms and styles of music and crafting their visions into individually unique compositions....this is the next logical step!  These 5 tracks are one long song that draws you in from the opening notes of "February 30th" while punctuating the message with haunting vocals by Adrian Pain and Jonathan Young, who both deliver with soft to fierce passion the whole record. "Somewhere out there" is a beautiful layered song with so many textures punching through the audio fabric, an endearing message to everyone and anyone....out there. "S.O.L." has this almsot horror movie feel, like it begins and then builds and just keeps pushing and chasing you down and then at the end it opens up full bore and fades away in a breeze. "Nobody Loves Me"  showcases the bands innovation in their riffs and arrangemnets, strong from the start but broken as well with accents at the perfect points, once again stellar vocals by Adrian and Jon, This Song is a true full band effort. Closing this Album is "Sleeping Beauty" , I love the single line opening, very engaging and when the band kicks in (Drums:Ethan Clark/Bass:Ryan Strickland/Guitar:Hayden Davidson/Guitar:Brian Gosling/Guitar:Matt Jenkins) it just amplifies the intensity of the song and the band itself. A journey song, takes you up then down then up again, reminiscent of Panteras "Cemetary Gates" in the arrangement taking you on a rollercoaster of emotions. The Dead Sexy have delivered here, take a listen you won't be dissapointed, these guys have alot to offer and I anticipate great things from them.
Mega Mike Graham (2014)


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